I've found various answers to this question online, ranging from "you definitely can't do this" to "this is doable with gparted," so I was hoping to get a straight answer here. I've ran out of space on my /boot partition on my computer (dual booting Arch Linux and Windows 10), and am trying to resize it with GParted. Attached is a screenshot of the (rather messy) partitions: enter image description here

The /boot partition is /dev/sda2. I had shrank the size of my Windows partition, sda4, with the intent of shifting sda3 to the right and increasing the size of sda2. However, GParted raises an error if I try to do this enter image description here

How do I move the sda3 partition? The end goal of all of this is just to expand my /boot partition, so if someone sees an alternate way of accomplishing it, that would also work.

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