This is the scenario:

  • Delegate of Gmail account sends an email to customer from within delegated Gmail account
  • Customer receives the email "From: Delegated Account delegated.account@domain.com" and forwards the email with MS Outlook to colleague
  • Colleague receives the email "From: delegate@domain.com On Behalf of Delegate Account" - the delegated.account@domain.com email address is stripped from this email's "From" information.
  • Colleague replies to the email and the reply is sent to the account of delegate@domain.com instead of to delegated.account@domain.com

After several discussions with G Suite Support the conclusion is that on the G Suite/Gmail side everything is working correctly. For some reason MS Outlook is not respecting the originating email address in the "From" fields of the emails it is forwarding.

We have tested this with Thunderbird and with Gmail itself, and could not reproduce the problem. At this point we have to assume that the problem is with MS Outlook.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so was there any solution/workaround?


As I know, the delegate feature in the Outlook desktop client only supports Exchange email accounts. Also, when forwarding emails to other users, the from fields will only show the current sender and you can only see the information of "From: delegate@domain.com On Behalf of Delegate Account" in the message body. If this is your case, I'm afraid that it is by design and we could not make changes to it.

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