My problem is that Windows' Start menu search isn't working at all, when I press Start then start typing, nothing happens, the same thing also happen in taskbar search box and search icon. Cortana icon works, but since it is not available in my country it only display this 'unavailable' message. This has been going for the last 2-3 months since Windows 2004 is available, I installed fresh from ISO. My current Windows 10 is fully updated, and I didn't touch registry or group policy editor at all.

Things I have tried:

  1. ResetWindowsSearchbox powershell script, after restart, search is still not working
  2. Installing Cortana from PowerShell, the command simply does nothing and outputs nothing, tried in administrator and normal PowerShell, tried copy pasting and typing by letter, same results.
  3. Run search troubleshooting from Settings app, also rebuilding index
  4. Creating a new user account, on the new user account search works, but eventually it will stop working again in a few days or weeks. Moving user account is a lot of hassle and is not a permanent solution.
  5. Reinstalling Windows obviously make it work again, but same as point 4, the problem will eventually arise and I had to create new user/reinstall Windows.

Is there a permanent fix for this? Or a solution where I don't have to constantly do everything from scratch again?

  • If you have installed Windows 10 fresh, and Search stops working, the only thing I can imagine is legacy software of some kind that interferes. I have Search working here for the 4 years I have had the machine. – John Jul 21 at 0:27
  • 1
    That's my assumption as well, since my previous PC last years with exact same software as my current one. But I don't think it's the case, since if I created a new user account, with exact same installed programs, as they are installed in Program Files, then the new user account has search working.. for a while, might take days or weeks but it is certain, as I have said in my original post. – Nur Jul 21 at 1:20
  • If you are willing, try a new install, newest version of Office 365, newest version of Adobe, set up Search and it should be fine. – John Jul 21 at 1:23
  • 1
    Yes it will be fine, as I have stated. My question is more about how to fix this problem, preferably permanently, without starting fresh, and without creating new user, as I have lived with this workaround for months. – Nur Jul 21 at 1:27
  • Search works perfectly on Windows 10 with modern software. – John Jul 21 at 1:28

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