Well, i have 2 problems .. not exactly problems, but one is a question, and the other is a problem .

I have installed gVim on my laptop and now i want to install plugins and customize my vimrc . Where is the 'plugin' , 'color' , 'docs' directory located in order for me to drop those files in ? And where do i need to put the .vimrc file for gVim to be able to recogonize it ?

Sound isn't working. I dont know whats the problem @ all. It just doesnt play . And NO its not on mute. i Checked. If any other input is required from the terminal , please ask for it. I'm kinda a n00b in all this.

Please help. Thanks in advance

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You can drop your .vimrc on your user home folder with your configuration. I usually create a .vimrc in my home pointing to a .vim directory.

set runtimepath=~/.vim,~/.vim/after,$VIMRUNTIME
source ~/.vim/.vimrc

...so, in this .vim dir, I put color, docs and such. I create a .vimrc in .vim where actually all my configuration is.

About sound problems, I think you should post it at Ubuntu Forums and seek for help, or provide more information.

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Read the :help for vimrc and 'rtp'. It will tell you what the default location of your personal vim config and runtime is. For Unix, ~/.vimrc and ~/.vim; for Windows, $HOME/_vimrc and $HOME/vimfiles.

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