I've just encrypt an external disk with veracrypt (full disk encryption) in Linux.

However, when the process was completed, I did not see the disk in the system anymore.

It was gone, undetected.

I've tested with different command such as lsblk but still did not see it.How do I open the encrypted disk?


Before opening your encrypted disk you will have to make it reappear. The encryption process is just reading and writing encrypted sectors and does not cause your drive to disappear.

Your description suggests a hardware failure during that process. This is your first problem. You should connect your drive to other machines if it does not appear there as well. If that's the case you have a hardware issue with the drive. That could range from a failing power supply to the drive itself.

But even if you get that drive back running I don't know if Veracrypt remembered where the encrypted sectors ended and where the unencrypted sectors start. That is the second problem.

I know the Truecrypt documentation and the Veracrypt documentation is derived from it. I do not remember any information in there for your second problem. You might have to try that out after duplicating your currently failed drive.

  • Thanks @r2d3. Could you please share the specific link for this issue? – Wolf Jul 25 '20 at 23:23
  • Which link? If you are referring to the truecrypt documentation, the download site in question has been taken offline. For the veracrypt documentation I don't know if it comes with the download - you should know. – r2d3 Jul 27 '20 at 11:32

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