I have a home network with a Raspberry Pi at the center running Pihole and UFW. The Pihole is both the DHCP as well as DNS server.

Ever since I started using Pi Hole I've not had any issues until recently when I turned on UFW.

My Samsung Smart TV (UA43N5300ARLXL/UA43N5300ARXXL) would neither acquire IP address using DHCP and even if I use manual IP and then try, it doesn't go through. But if I switch off UFW, it works like a charm. I checked the UFW Audit logs but nothing very obvious.

Here's the summary of the rules I've setup in UFW:

Allowed ports:

To Action From

1725/udp ALLOW Anywhere

5353 ALLOW






80/tcp ALLOW Anywhere

4711 ALLOW

10000 ALLOW

2501 ALLOW

53/udp on eth0 ALLOW Anywhere

80,443/tcp ALLOW Anywhere

123/udp ALLOW

1725/udp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

80/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

53/udp (v6) on eth0 ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

80,443/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

Would appreciate any help in understanding how Samsung Smart TVs handle network connections and the ports they use as well as any input to fine tune UFW to get this to work.


Adding the ufw rule for DHCP helped-

ufw allow proto udp from to port 67

This allows the initial DHCP check by a new device broadcasting from

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