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Possible Error Messages:

Gimp XFC image plug-In could not open image.

Main Question(s):

Windows 10 Context Menu (right-click/apps buttonNewXCF File: How do I populate new files with data? How do I make the default XCF file a blank image of a predefined size of my choosing?

What I have done:

  1. Go to StartWindows Administrative toolsRegistry Editor (Or hit Win and type regedit enter. Press yes to run with administrative privileges.
  2. Browse to Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xcfright-click/apps buttonNew > Key→Type ShellNew Enter; right-click/apps buttonNew > String Value enter→Type NullFileenter→Type 1 enter. A picture of the result of following the steps seen above: "start, r-e-g, enter, left, spacebar, ctrl plus el, type from here: Computer backslash HKEY underbar CLASSES underbar ROOT backslash dot xcf: finish typing, enter, apps button en kay, all-one-word with uppercase S and N--type from here: ShellNew: finish typing, enter, apps button en es, all-one-word with uppercase N and F--type from here: NullFile: finish typing, enter, 1, enter, to exit regedit press Alt+F4.  Win plus dee to show the desktop, apps button en gee to create a new gimp file, enter enter to open it and receive the error message.
  3. At the desktop I right-click and press N (new file) and then G (Gimp Image)... The new file is created. I open the file, and I get the unpunctuated error message: "Gimp XFC image plug-In could not open image." Gimp is now open with no file!
  1. Go to StartRegedit enterComputer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xcfright-click/apps buttonNew > Key→Type ShellNew Enter; right-click/apps buttonNew > String Value enter→Type NullFileenter→Type 1 enter.
  2. Open regedit again and you should already be at Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xcf\ShellNew. Create a new string value (right-click/apps buttonNew > String Value→Type FileName enterenter→type New GIMP Image.xcf enter.
  3. Open gimp. Press CTRL+N to create a new file using your favorite template (select your favorite template from the drop-down menu that appears or just press ctrl+a and type 1280 then tab and type 720 enter for my favorite, which is HD). Now, press ctrl + S.
  4. Press ctrl+a to select everything and delete it. Type the file location into into the address bar that appears then press enter to browse there C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates.
  5. Now, type the following file name and press enter to save the image: New Gimp Image.xcf.
  6. At the desktop, right click or press the apps key and go to New file > Gimp Image.

Result: The new file is created and should be an exact duplicate of the template file in the Windows Templates directory! Congratulations!

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  • You said this is for Windows 10. I have Windows 10.2004 and this does not work. – Daniel Rudy Oct 3 at 7:29

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