To find if field 5 has I use the:

   [[ -z ` echo $LINE  | awk '{print $5}' ` ]]

my question if there is another elegant way to verify if field 5 is zero?

THX Yael

  • provide example lines – akira Jun 27 '10 at 9:02
  • LINE=123 aaa ddd ggg ttt yyy hhh – yael Jun 27 '10 at 10:00

After length5=$(echo $LINE | awk '{ print length($5)}') the variable $lenght5 will contain the length of field 5;

Note: in your example line, if ttt were empty, yyy would be field 5, so be careful: you can use

awk -F' '

instead of awk to make the space the field delimiter, so that 2 spaces = empty field....


This will pass if the 5th field is the string 0 (and won't if it's 00, 0.0, or it's absent etc).


LINE="123 aaa ddd ggg 0 yyy hhh"

if [[ "0" = `echo ${LINE}  | awk '{print $5}'` ]]
   echo "5th field is string '0'"
   echo "5th field isn't string '0'"

Does that do what you want?

It would be useful if you provided more example input.

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