I have many Firefox containers I use for multiple sites at work. By mistake I added my SSO provider page to a container FOO, which is intended for other usage.

Now every time I request from my SSO provider to open one of my intranet sites, Firefox asks me if I want to open it in FOO or in the default container and if I want to remember my decision. It takes time to tell it not to open it in FOO and it does not remember my decision as the addresses from the SSO provider change every time I follow the link.

Is there any way of removing a single website from its default container (I this case from FOO to the default non-container)?


There is a way to do this without dropping the container. You must go to the Multi-account container button in the top bar, then click to manage containers, then click the container where the wrong site was added by default.

Then there is a button named manage site list and there you can (obviously) remove sites from being defaulted to that container.

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    I'd never had found that. Thanks! May 10 at 12:34

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