I updated my CentOS 8.2 yesterday (yum update), everything was good until a rebooted my system, there was no boot loader! the system get stuck in a black window without showing anything at all.indeed the problem is grub. I tried to re-config my grub (grub2-mkconfig) by using CentOS 8.2 rescue mode (booted by the DVD ISO), nothing happened.


  • my system is EFI (not legacy BIOS)
  • in the update process both grub and kernel updated as I remember

the problem was resolved. this is a bug in grub2 security update discovered 2 days ago.

what I did for solving this problem:

1 - use CentOS 8.2 iso to boot from and use rescue mode and use chroot.

2 - config local repository for BaseOS repo using the image

3 - downgrade grub2 and shim packages(yum downgrade shim-x64 grub2\*)

4 - done!

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