Hoping someone can help here. I'm on Windows 7

I'm trying to use ffmpeg-normalize to process a bunch of mkv movies to report on loudness.

The command is ffmpeg-normalize "FILE PATH" -n -p

What I'd like to do is have a variable for FILE PATH so that it can use a directory, say G:\Movies for all mkv files and then loop it into ffmpeg. I'm using the >> to write the output to a text file

I've read up on loops here but I'm just not understanding how to apply it to this situation

It seem so simple but I just can't do it


Try this:

@echo off
cd "G:\Movies"
for %%a in (*.mkv) do (
  ffmpeg-normalize "%%~fa" -n -p >>"Out_%%~na.txt"
exit /b 0

Will create output files in syntax "Out_Filename.txt"

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