I'm trying to install POP3 mail server on W10. According to what I've found on the web I should be able to install it as an added feature please see below. Even when I expanded all sections I couldn't find it anywhere.

enter image description here

Where it supposed to be located ?

Any guidance much appreciated.


You may be looking for a feature that is included in a different version of windows. For example, Windows Server 2016 has the SMTP Server Feature. However, your version of Windows might not include it.

In your case it may be best to use a thrid-party utility, such as hMailServer, in order to run your own mail server. I have also included a guide to setting up hMailServer below, but setting up your own server is different from setting up your own mail client.

(If you are trying to access an email account you already have, you may just need a client. Please see below.)

hMailServer Guide

Setup Your Own Simple SMTP Server — How To (medium.com)

Server Environment

Unless it is for testing or internal LAN use, an email server will usually have a fully qualified domain name, and reside on a server with a commercial/corporate internet connection. Residential ISPs typically have rules against running your own mail server. You may also need to have reverse dns records and implement DKIM signing. If you do not have these you might not be able to send or receive emails.

Email Client

If you already have an email address and are looking to access your email, you can use the built in Windows Mail App [Guide].


Windows does not feature an email server.

Microsoft's product for doing that is Microsoft Exchange Server, which is payware and quite complicated to manage.

Free email servers do exists, such as Baby POP3 Server. See also the article What is the best free mail server for Windows 10. (I don't have a personal recommendation.)

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