My question is how would I hide all text above the last line?
Somehow delete the text of the first part and then only show an echo of the last line - that still has user input functionality though.

[=  ]
[== ]
"last line with any text" (Y/N)?

Is there any rule I could add to a batch command that would show only the last line of the current command text result in the window?

  • This seems to be an XY problem, you want to hide all text then why you will display them using echo? – Wasif Hasan Aug 6 at 1:02
  • Ok, my first example was a bit misleading and I removed it. My question is just about how to hide everything that is not the last line. – atereou Aug 6 at 1:12
  • Then append >nul 2>&1 to each echo lines you want to hide. – Wasif Hasan Aug 6 at 1:53
  • you probably asking for ANSI escape sequences cursor movement how to erase line – alecxs Aug 6 at 4:38
  • 3
    You posted this exact question on StackOverflow. – Gerhard Aug 7 at 7:29

Don't use cmd and use powershell instead. Get-Content cmdlet (and its aliases cat and gc) has a Tail option to do this

Get-Content file_path -Tail 1

If the text is the result of another command then use Select-Object or its select alias

your_command | Select-Object -Last 1

If you really need to use cmd then run the command from PowerShell like this

powershell -Com "gc file_path -Tail 1"
powershell -Com "your_command | select -Last 1"

If you have some kind of POSIX environments on your system wsl/wsl2 or cygwin then just use tail:

cat file | tail -n 1
your_command | tail -n 1
tail file -n 1

See also

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  • To delete/remove used lines you can use the solution from @LotPings in this answer, in additional, you also can use this in base64 decoded by Certutil
@echo off 

title <nul && title Q1575583

call %:^0 && setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

for /L %%L in (1 1 4)do echo\Line 0%%L

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul 
type "%temp%\_bs.bin" 
type "%temp%\_bs.bin" 

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul 
echo/Line 06

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul 
type "%temp%\_bs.bin" 

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul 
echo/Line 07

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul 
type "%temp%\_bs.bin" 

%__APPDIR__%timeout.exe -1 >nul
type "%temp%\_bs.bin" 

2>nul del/Q /F "%temp%\_bs.bin" 
endlocal & goto=:EOF

>nul 2>&1 del /q /f "%temp%\_bs.bin"
>nul 2>&1 "%__APPDIR__%Certutil.exe" -decode -f "%~f0" "%temp%\_bs.bin" & exit /b
:: <-----BEGIN .\_bs.bin ----- G1sxRhtbMEobWzFGG1swSg0K== -----END .\_bs.bin -----> ::
  • Outputs:

enter image description here

  • About the strings in Base64 in this bat/cmd decoded in file "%temp%\_bs.bin"

enter image description here

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