As file conflicts can easily occur in the new and shiny world of SharePoint/OneDrive-based Excel 365 it is important to be able to compare different versions of a file.

All info I found online talks about older versions of Excel.

How can I compare two Excel files in Excel 365? I need to see a useable overview of all their differences, ideally with a way to merge them.


You may compare two Excel spreadsheets using the ribbon entry Inquire > Compare Files. You need to have two workbooks open in Excel to run this command.

For more information about the command, see the Microsoft article
What you can do with Spreadsheet Inquire.

The Inquire pane is not enabled by default in Excel.

To enable Inquire:

  • Enter File > Options > Add ins
  • Set "Manage" to "COM Add-ins"
  • Click Go
  • Place a check-mark next to "Inquire"
  • Click OK.
  • wow this is a fantastic feature, I wish I'd learnt of this much sooner than now
    – PeterH
    Aug 6 '20 at 13:08
  • Sadly this seems not to be included in my "Microsoft 365 Apps for Business" although I would have assumed that is the "enterprise editions" your second link mentions as having it. I will leave the question open for now, maybe there are more options. Thank you very much already! Aug 24 '20 at 16:04

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