I currently have English and Russian keyboard layouts which I use frequently. Occasionally I also need Greek keyboard, which I'd like to install. But getting used to dealing with three layouts is a pain in the neck.

Also I'm not going to use Greek very often, so I don't want it to pop up when I switch layout with Shift+Alt. Is there a way to leave this layout and be able to use it by clicking on language bar on the taskbar and selecting it manually, but not through Shift+Alt?

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I don't think there's a way to remove a language from the Shift+Alt list, but a workaround is to set shortcuts to the more common languages so that you can switch to them directly. Just type "language" in the start menu and open "Language settings" then select Keyboard > Input language hot keys

Language settings

Input language hot keys

There you can change the shortcut keys to English and Russian. You can even remove the Alt+Shift combination from the list and only use the direct shortcuts exclusively

Change key sequence

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