I recently bought this mouse, but I realized that the button from wheel is not available. I used a lot this button to close tabs or to open links in new tabs.

How can I replace this somehow? I also check in logitech options but didnt find anything good

  • Ctrl-W is an almost universal shortcut to close the currently open tab, applicable to many browsers, PDF viewers, tabbed text editors, etc. Aug 13, 2020 at 21:29
  • I know that but that is not my question. If I have 6 tabs opened I have to enter individually each one and ctrl w
    – Goldbones
    Aug 13, 2020 at 21:58
  • If you go to the last tab and hold the Ctrl-W key, it closes them one at a time, until none are left. Just let go the key to keep the remainder. Aug 14, 2020 at 2:21

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Assuming you are on Windows, the free key-remapping product AutoHotkey can remap keys and mouse clicks.

For example, the following AutoHotkey script will remap: Ctrl+Left-click to middle-click:

Ctrl & LButton:: MouseClick, Middle

After installing AutoHotKey, put the above text in a .ahk file and double-click it to test. You may stop the script by right-click on the green H icon in the traybar and choosing Exit. To have it run on login, place it in the Startup group at C:\Users\USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.


X-Mouse Button Control allows you to remap your mouse buttons to do all kinds of stuff.

You can even map the buttons differently depending on the app. It's free.

Disclaimer: I am a happy user and have no affiliation with the product or it's owner.

  • I'm also happy btw
    – Goldbones
    Dec 4, 2020 at 18:39

Found that if I put the central button in mouse logitech option it will work like the wheel button :)

EDIT: Put central button configured in the buttonn bellow the wheel in logitech option


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