Would love to know how to integrate GPU Threshold once reached.

For example below 10% Usage for the Program/App to exit and if possible in a batch file, I've tried with a mix of CPU+memory threshold but that don't always work properly in all Apps, so I thought GPU threshold would solve this since it is pretty definite at times unlike CPU+memory thresholds which can vary greatly sometimes.

Here's a batch example for the threshold that needs a GPU threshold included

@echo OFF
@start "" "DOOMx64vk.exe" +devMode_Enable 1 +com_restarted 1 +com_gameMode 1 +com_skipIntroVideo 1 +exec DOOMConfig.cfg 1 +image_usecompression 0 +com_skipKeyPressOnLoadScreens 1
:: set process_name:
 set process_name=DOOMx64vk.exe
cd /D "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\"
for /f skip^=8^ tokens^=1-3^ delims^=^| %%a in ('"nvidia-smi.exe"') do (
    for /f "tokens=1-6 delims= " %%g in ("%%a") do set u=%%g & set v=%%h) & set w=%%j) & (
    for /f "tokens=1-3 delims= " %%g in ("%%b") do set x=%%g & set y=%%i) & (
    for /f "tokens=1-2 delims= " %%g in ("%%c") do set z=%%g) & goto :breakForLoop
set /a u+=0 & set /a v+=0 & set /a w+=0 & set /a x+=0 & set /a z+=0
set /a u=u & set /a v=v & set /a w=w & set /a x=x & set /a z=z
echo %u%, %v%, %w%, %x%, %y%, %z%
timeout /t 5
goto GPU
if %z% Lss 20 TaskKill /F /im %process_name% & goto RUNNING
timeout /t 3
tasklist|findstr %process_name% > nul &&
    taskkill /F /T /IM "cheatengine-x86_64.exe" & taskkill /F /T /IM "Werfault.exe" & exit /b
timeout /t 1
  • What is your final goal? Why do you need to kill an app once it reaches a certain gpu/cpu/memory threshold? By describing that it might be that there are other ways to achieve that goal. – Saaru Lindestøkke Aug 16 '20 at 18:16
  • well my final goal is as ive mentioned i need function like above for cpu+memory , but additionally for the gpu , so as soon as its below threshold itll exit said app , would be appreciated for sure , i really need that gpu function – Etherpixel56 Aug 17 '20 at 15:39
@echo off && Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set "_process_name=Folding.exe" && cmd /v /c "set "_pn=!_process_name:~0,-4!""
set /a "_cpuThreshold=10, _memThreshold=450000" && start "" "!_process_name!"

timeout 2 & for /f tokens^=2delims^=^= %%f in (
'wmic cpu get NumberOfCores /value')do ^< nul set "_NumberOfCores=%%~f"

set /a "_process_snapshot=0, _memUsg=0"

for /f skip^=2tokens^=3delims^=^" %%p in ('
typeperf "\Process(!_pn!)\%% Processor Time" -sc 1
')do for /f tokens^=1delims^=. %%a in ('echo\%%~p
')do set /a "_process_snapshot=%%~a/!_NumberOfCores!"

if !_process_snapshot! LSS !_cpuThreshold! (
     set /a "_low+=1+0") else set /a "_low-=_low"

for /f tokens^=5 %%p in ('tasklist ^|findstr.exe "!_process_name!"
')do for /f tokens^=1*delims^=^, %%a in ("%%~p")do set "_memUsg=%%~a%%~b"

if !_memUsg! lss !_memThreshold! (set /a "_low+=1+0") else set /a "_low-=_low"
echo\process_snapshot: !_process_snapshot!, memUsage: !_memUsg!, LowCpuAndMem: !_low!

if !_low! GEQ 12 taskkill /F /T /IM !_process_name! && goto=:RUNNING // where is ???  
timeout 3 & tasklist|findstr /i "!_process_name!" >nul && GOTO=:CheckCpuAndMem

exit /b 

GOTO=:RUNNING // where is ???  

You have a conflict in your code, you define a value in thousands for memThreshold, but use a condition in hundreds ( set /a memUsg=%%a%%b%%c/1000 ) within the if memUsg000 lss memThreshold000:

set memThreshold=450000
) do set /a memUsg=%%a%%b%%c/1000
if %memUsg% lss %memThreshold%

rem :: is the same ::
if 148 lss 450000 ...  

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