Whenever I join a Discord live stream, my mic volume when speaking while watching the stream will drop to a much lower level to the point where it can barely be heard by other people.

It happens regardless of whether or not I have earbuds plugged in. Not sure what else I can try to fix the situation.



This problem seems to occur when you are either live streaming yourself or viewing a live stream. It also appears to be independent of your hardware (which you observed when you switched to your earbuds and continued to have issues.) The problem appears to be purely Discord's.

Some configuration that eliminated the problem for me was heading into Settings, opening up Voice & Audio, scrolling down to the Advanced section, and making sure that...

  1. Noise Suppression is off.
  2. In the Voice Processing section, Noise Reduction is off.

After disabling these two settings, my audio appeared to come through as clear as though I wasn't watching a live stream. I also started a livestream myself and had others join, and I sounded perfectly fine to other users.

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    Tried this, tried turning on Legacy audio subsystem, everything - to no avail at all. I've been through the whole pandemic and the only workaround I ever got was using the web app, which is next to unacceptable. Will Discord just fix this already? – gyohza Dec 28 '20 at 13:36
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    Yeah this solution appears to only work for a few people I know. Others are still struggling, like yourself. Discord really does need to address this. – Spevacus Dec 28 '20 at 13:38

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