Using Microsoft Teams, I get ugly purple no-padding notifications on my Desktop:

Microsoft Teams Notification

How can I force Microsoft Teams to use the operating system's default notifications UI instead?

  • macOS Notification Center
  • Windows 10 Notifications

There is currently no way to use OS-native Notifications in Microsoft Teams.

The Teams development team is supposedly testing and/or adding this feature. But no action has been made on the tickets since February 2020.

These requests are tracked on the Microsoft Teams User Feedback Forum:

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There seems to be a development option enableNativeNotification that will enable system notifications in Microsoft teams. I unfortunately cannot try this myself, as the development preview needed to enable the option is not enabled for my organization.

Information taken from this Reddit post which provided these screenshots.

FWIW for anyone frustrated at the custom notifications, you can enable Native Notifications by throwing Teams into developer mode and then left clicking the Teams tray icon 7 times. Right clicking will then give you tons of options, including Hooks. From here, you can enable Native Notifications (defaults to false, so turn it to true) and voila, native notifications.

The steps seem to be:

  1. Enable the Public Developer Preview for Microsoft Teams
    • Note: Developer preview is enabled on a per-client basis, but the option to turn on developer preview is controlled at the organization level.
  2. Tap on your app icon 7 times to enable the dev tools:
    • Windows: System Tray icon
    • macOS: Dock icon
  3. Access the Developer Preview tools:
    • Windows: Right-click the System Tray icon. Select Open DevTools.
    • macOS: select "Development" from the app's main menu bar. You can also edit the plist directly at ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams
  4. Set the option enableNativeNotification to true
  5. Restart Microsoft Teams

If all goes well, Teams should then use the system's native notification system:

enter image description here

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