I've a folder C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports\ and inside there are different folders but I want to delete only folders containing text say 192 in their names like


apart from these there are also other folders.

To delete only matching folders with text 192, I tried following -

rd /s /q C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports\*192*

But it results into The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Please suggest what is correct regex which will help to achieve this.

NOTE This is for Windows environment

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One line using cd /D folder && for /Directory /Recursive

cd/d "%userprofile%\Desktop\htmlreports" && for /D /R  %i in (*192*)do rmdir /s /q "%~i"

enter image description here For /D /R Source

1. Go to your folder:

cd /D "C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports"
  • Or, using one system variable:
cd /d "%userprofile%\Desktop\htmlreports"

2. Use && operator

cd /D ... && for /D /R... do ...

Obs.: 1 Only if cd /D return 0, do the next for /D /R command will be executed...

Obs.: 2 You can add echo\ to test and check the output before deleting any files/folders:

cd/d "%userprofile%\Desktop\htmlreports" && for /D /R  %i in (*192*)do echo\rmdir /s /q "%~i"

  • Thanks this worked for me! And really appreciate your detailed explanation. Thanks a lot for that :)
    – Alpha
    Aug 25, 2020 at 12:53

Try with cmd (rd will not work becuase it only can remove directories, use del as below):

del /s /q "C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports\*192*"

Try with powershell:

dir "C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports" -filter *192* | rm
  • Wasif, thanks for the answer but del only deletes files but not folders and your powershell command works but it asks for confirmation. rm -f with that command did not help to skip prompt. Actually I want to execute this through Jenkins pipeline starting powershell will be addition hence superuser.com/a/1580528/1156098 is perfect solution for me
    – Alpha
    Aug 25, 2020 at 12:44

The PowerShell option:

$Source = 'C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports'

Get-ChildItem $Source -Directory -Recurse | Where Name -match '192' | Remove-Item -Recurse

Using aliases, we can shorten this to:

gci 'C:\Users\user\Desktop\htmlreports' -ad -r | ? Name -match '192' | ri -r

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