I always do a mutual sync by issuing always "rsync -avuzb src dest" and then "rsync -avuzb dest src". If I use "rsync -avuzb ", already existing files are renamed to ~ on the destination, due to the b option. Now assume I have two files file and file~ on both, src and dst. The mutual sync now renames file~ to file~~ on each side. Although this is logically correct is is not practically desireble for me, since this means that the ~~~~~-files are piling up at each backup. Is there a way to only have one backup-file?


Try this additional parameter:

--exclude '*~'

to make:

rsync -avuzb --exclude '*~' src dst

Hope that helps.


There is no problem. The ~~~ files won't pile up. On your source folder you would typically have: a.c and a.c~ Nothing else. Even if both files change many times the rsync folder will only have 3 files: a.c a.c~ a.c~~

  • Are you saying that the max number of files is three? So if OP ran that backup once more, he wont have a.c~~~? Which file gets replaced? – Cfinley Jun 16 '15 at 20:13

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