I recently updated from Ubuntu 18.04 to 19.04. And I need to access that machine remotely and use CLion. I'm currently searching for known bugs potentially, but this is the problem.

I connect to my Linux box remotely using VNC (which I configured pretty much in a standard way) then I can connect to it but when I open CLion and I start typing stuff (like after few letters) I always get connection drops in UltraVNC and "Connection gracefully closed" in TightVNC.

This only happens with the CLion editor, but when I use the command line this problem doesn't happen.

I was trying to use XMing or VcXsrv the problem with these two is that the GUI is pretty much non responsive (like very slow, despite running ssh -c), so I would discard this option.

Is there anything you can suggest or I should checkout maybe?

The problem also happens with different client machines so I guess this is probably something to be sorted on the vnc server configuration.

Can you help?

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