I noticed that I've got a problem as when i kept the PC running for a set period of time, the RAM usage got extremely high for no reason. I found out it was a memory leak. The task manager wasn't displaying the memory consuming process as it was "Non Paged".


Photo of Kernel Pool Monitor

I used a Kernel Pool Monitoring tool and found out that 2 processes were constantly and continuously increasing in memory size. ("Proc") and ("Job"). By going into CMD to trace the drivers behind the processes using cd C:\Windows\System32\drivers and then findstr /s Job *.* I found out that the process was caused by iaStorAC.sys which is associated with my intel rapid technology CPU driver. I updated that moving from AHCI to RAID. That didnt solve the issue. Tracing the "Proc" process leads me nowhere as it is a windows process, meaning that the infiltrator process can be anything.

Anyone know how I can fix this?


I tried many different things but I couldn't find a solution.

What worked but is less optimal was a full Windows Re-Install. In the end, it was a software issue, not a hardware one. The memory leak is now gone.

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