I want to disable the Windows 10 firewall for just one network adapter on my computer. I want to leave the firewall enabled for the other network adapters. How do I do this?

Will I be regularly prompted to re-enable the firewall for the adapter? If so, can I disable the prompt?

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Open windows firewall (wf.msc) and in the center pane, click on Windows Firewall Properties. In the dialog box that opens, for each profile (domain, private, public) click Customize for the Protected network connections. There you can enable/disable windows firewall for a given network connection.


PowerShell solution: open PowerShell with administrator rights and enter

Set-NetFirewallProfile -Profile <profile> -DisabledInterfaceAliases "<adapter name>"

where <adapter name> is the name of the interface, as displayed in the list returned by

Get-NetAdapter -Name * | Format-List

and <profile> is a list of profiles from {"Domain", "Private" and "Public"}.

Example: to exclude the Virtual Box internal adapter from the Public Firewall Profile rules

Set-NetFirewallProfile -Profile Public -DisabledInterfaceAliases "VirtualBox Host-Only Network"

Note: to undo this command, you need to provide an empty string array as parameter for DisabledInterfaceAliases . In PowerShell empty array is @(). Example:

Set-NetFirewallProfile -Profile Public -DisabledInterfaceAliases @()

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