I'm using neomutt as my local mail reader (I use isync to mirror my Gmail account locally). I am noticing that sometimes when I start neomutt, it informs me in the bottom banner that there are new mails in folders other than Inbox (usually, "~/Mail/Archive", which corresponds to my Gmail "All Mail" label).

Is there a way to configure neomutt such that it will only tell me about new mail in specific folders?


  • The mailboxes setting determines mailboxes checked for new messages. Check that and also the "New Mail Detection" section in the manual (F1). – Juancho Sep 14 '20 at 19:51

I think this is not possible with neomutt at the moment.

It should be possible with mutt 1.14 (see release notes) and newer using -poll argument to a mailboxes command. Although neomutt tries to implement all upstream features, this still wasn't done.

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