I had a OneNote Notebook on the Windows 10 Store version of OneNote, which requires the file to be synced up to OneDrive. About 6 months ago, though, my Notebook stopped syncing up to the OneDrive servers, and I wasn't able to make it snyc again. My changes to the Notebook continued to be saved locally despite the broken sync feature, though.

Yesterday, I transitioned to a new PC and, as part of the transition, wiped my drive. The synced version on OneDrive is about 6 months old, and I'm obviously no longer able to access the local-cache of my Notebook. However, I have a full backup of my drive. I'd like to be able to get that local cache of the NoteBook back.

Does anyone know where a non-syncing OneNote Notebook being modified with the Windows 10 version of OneNote would be saved?

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Please see this article.


If you did nothing special, the local cache is stored in a top level folder of your user's main folder.

By default, your files are stored in a top-level folder in your user profile. But if you have a second data drive (including a MicroSD card), you can choose that location instead, saving space on your system drive.

The option to change the sync folder location appears when you first set up OneDrive. If you want to change the location after you've already completed setup, follow these steps:

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