Windows 7 lets you display a 'Desktop Toolbar' on the taskbar. When enabled, you can click the double-chevron button to display all desktop items in a popup menu. Then you can left-click or right-click one of those items.

Once in a while, Windows 7 will get stuck where clicking the double-chevron button will display the desktop popup menu, but then you cannot left or right click its items. A left click dismisses the popup menu, but the clicked item does not open. A right click shows the popup menu for the taskbar, instead of showing the popup menu for the right-clicked item.

Hiding and then showing the 'Desktop Toolbar' does not fix it. Only a reboot fixes it. Rebooting is very inconvenient; I sometimes do not reboot for months (unless MS Patches force me to...).

Has anyone found a fix to this problem without requiring a reboot?

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