I would like to monitor CPU usage of all processes over time. By all processes I mean being able to view each process' CPU usage separately. I'd like to see the results as a graph and I prefer Perfmon, but I'm open to other tools.


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In Perfmon, you need to add a counter for process > % Processor time and select all instances.

In perfmon, there's a '+' icon to add counters. Find the process group in there and expand it. Select your desired counters (I'd recommend % Processor Time) and then select all instances in the instance box.

That'll give you a graph of all processes. Graph

Bonus If you need to get really specific, you can try Process Explorer from SysInternals. It will give you similar to what Task Manager gives you, but you can select processes and create on-the-fly graphs of their CPU usage by right clicking a process, selecting properties, and then the Performance Graph tab.

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    This helped me. Thanks!
    – Martijn
    Sep 16, 2020 at 19:38

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