the task says:

  1. Use OpenSSL to calculate the following user names and passwords (4 pts): • Anaga:happy666 • Maria:12345678 • Joseph:q1w2e3r4 • Stephan:1234asdf

i am not sure how to install and use openssl. i have tried to install openssl but it is only a folder on my computer so dont know what to do next.

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What is on your picture is just source code of openssl. I think macOS have built-in openssl already. Try to open the terminal application and just run


to check it is already installed on your system.

According to your task

Use OpenSSL to calculate the following user names and passwords

it's unclear. What do you want to calculate? Hash or what?


The first option is the simplest one: do nothing. macOS has shipped with OpenSSL preinstalled since 2000.

You can download a binary distribution of OpenSSL. The OpenSSL project does not itself publish binary releases, but they maintain a list of third-party resources that publish OpenSSL binaries.

You can install it using MacPorts.

You can install it using Homebrew.

You can compile it yourself. You already downloaded the source code, so all you need is to follow the instructions in the INSTALL.md file you are showing in your screenshot. I assume that, since you chose to use an inofficial development version, you may run into some bugs.

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