I have a JBL GO 2 bluetooth speaker that is paired to my W10 desktop. They work absolutely fine. Whenever I use this speaker with my phone (or any other device), I need to first manually disconnect from the phone and then on my desktop click the bluetooth icon in the notification tray, click the JBL GO 2 in the list of Audio paired devices, and click Connect.

This post showed how you can use the Connect tile from the Action Center (Win + K for direct access). When I do this, I see other audio devices (eg my Plantronics headset and my Jabra earbuds): see screenshot of Bluetooth audio devices menu.

However the JBL GO 2 is not in the list, even when it is connected: see screenshot of Connect tile content

Does anyone have any idea? I'd really like to have a quick way to connect/disconnect from this speaker.


Some general troubleshooting steps for your reference and wish they would be helpful:

Check if the Bluetooth service is running

Press Windows Key + R, type services.msc and press Enter.

Search for Bluetooth support service.

Check if it is started, if not Right click on the service and click on Start.

Restart Bluetooth wireless connectivity

Search Settings and go to devices--> Bluetooth.

Manually turn the Bluetooth off and On

Update or reinstall the Bluetooth driver

Search Device manager and navigate to “Bluetooth” and right-click on the driver.

Perform "update" or "uninstall"

Restart the computer.

Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices


  • Thanks @Jenny, but the speakers are connecting and working fine, and show up correctly in the Bluetooth menu. The problem is they don't show up in the Connect tile of the action center, which would allow a quick access to reconnect them when they were previously connected to another device. Bluetooth drivers were already up-to-date. – MonkeyBack Sep 25 '20 at 11:14

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