I've recently got a tablet pc (JooJoo.com]) and I've got it nicely set up with Jolicloud - an Ubuntu derivative like Mint - (thanks to the joojoo forum) but I can't hide the mouse cursor in Gnome.

Now, I've read so much about tips and tricks on how to hide the cursor with terminal, X and gconf tricks in my Googling, but NOTHING works!

How do I do this definitely?

Edit: Unclutter is not what I want, nor is changing the root X cursor satisfactory, because it is overridden by whatever toolkit you are using.



This post details how to create a blank cursor theme and use it with xsettings. I never see my mouse anymore!



Another Option is to set the cursor theme in ubuntu to an invisible theme. For that I created one. You can find it here https://github.com/gysi/ubuntu-invis-cursor-theme

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