I am new to Active Directory concepts. I am practicing with AD Objects. In AD, I can change the user object names but I cannot able to rename the computer object name. It can be done via netdom command in powershell but unable to rename via ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers). Is there anyone have the idea about how to rename the computer from ADUC? If it is not possible, please tell the reason for unable to rename through ADUC.

Thanks, Sathishkumar

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You cannot rename computers from Active Directory Users and Computers.

Use the PowerShell cmdlet Rename-Computer instead.

      [-ComputerName <String>]
      [-DomainCredential <PSCredential>]
      [-LocalCredential <PSCredential>]
      [-NewName] <String>
      [-WsmanAuthentication <String>]


Rename-Computer -ComputerName "COMP01" -NewName "WORKSTATION01"

You could rename the computer from ADSIEdit but I strongly advise against it.

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