I am using ubuntu wsl on windows10. I use it to ssh into remote VMs on my corporate network. I can successfully ssh to VMs.

BUT If I leave it unattended for some time, the ssh connection automatically gets disconnected with this message:

client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset by peer

Earlier I used puTTY to ssh into remote machines and the puTTY session would never terminate even if I left the session idle for days. I think it was because of this puTTY connection setting Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off) being set to 0

How can achieve the same in ubuntu wsl. I have tried adding ConnectTimeout 0 in /etc/ssh/ssh_config but it did not work.


You shall look on these parameters on the client side /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Maybe you can try set and elaborate from there about the timeout.
ServerAliveInterval 60

Reference Ubuntu ssh_config

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  • thanks..ServerAliveInterval 60 did the trick. – greenlantern Oct 9 at 4:02

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