BLUF: My laptop will not detect the printer on the network.

My laptop is running Windows 10, my router is the Xfinity Xfi router (Model: CGM4140COM), and my printer is a Brother MFC-J6510DW. Both are on the same network (2.4 GHz because of old printer), same subnet (, subnet mask is set correctly ( Xfinity gateway confirms that both devices are connected to the network, and that the IPs are within the same subnet. Network discovery is on with automatic setup checked and file/printer sharing turned on. Password protected sharing is turned off. Network is set to Private/home. In the Windows Defender Firewall, all File and Printer Sharing Private rules are set to allow and enabled for inbound and outbound.

I have tried setting up the printer both through the Windows Printer installer and the Brother Printing Device Installer. In all cases, the printer is not visible to my laptop. I am currently unable to ping any local IPs as well. Lo address is still able to be pinged.

At this point, I am waiting for a printer USB cable to arrive to attempt installation that way. What else could be the problem though?

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    Go into the Brother Control Panel, Network settings and give it a static IP on your network. Restart the printer then see if you can see it. You also say "I am currently unable to ping any local IPs " Is your own computer set up properly on this network?
    – John
    Oct 9 '20 at 0:03

Try to reset your router to factory and reset up password protected login page and ssid. I would start there first.

Device manager > find your install of the printer > right click > scan for property changes > uninstall and reinstall.

ipconfig /? try the command to renew the IP Address if the aforementioned does not work.

  • This is not a router problem. Both devices are in the same subnet so nothing is being routed through the router (although packets are being switched - this is happening at layer 2, so the router being able to see both devices is proof that its not a router/routing issue)
    – davidgo
    Oct 9 '20 at 2:42

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