I know it usually would be possible to set volume for specific applications simply by changing it through Windows volume mixer, just in some cases this doesnt work as expected.

Case 1: every time the application recieves an update, it will create a new subfolder, copy all required files there and by that be recognized as being a different application. Creating a short cut to the executable doesnt work as it seems Windows is storing volume mixer entries by specific executable files.

Case 2: volume mixer always resets the application to system default volume on each time the application is started and ignores the previous volume level - this might be a system bug or by design but is unwanted any way. -> I tried deleting all related registry keys already, for all application running "normally", they have recreated their registry entries as expected, but the application which wont save doesnt create its own entry and I dont recognize the pattern in which the entries are stored.

Is there any way to change the volume of a specific application by command line, batch file, short cut command? I would like to avoid installing additional software to achieve this goal.


There is one app called EarTrumpet. I guess it can help you.

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    "Without volume mixer or 3rd party software?" – Moab Oct 16 '20 at 15:06

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