Having consulted resources related to the commands available in a UEFI/EFi Shell I cannot find two commands I would expect to be available

  1. reboot
  2. poweroff/halt/shutdown

What am I missing here? (can it be that EFI shell is somewhat overengineered, but lacks basic functionality?)

  • What’s wrong with Ctrl+Alt+Del or pushing the power button?
    – Daniel B
    Oct 18, 2020 at 9:43
  • @DanielB I am aware of those options. However most GNU/Linux systems I used came with those handy things like commands like shutdown, poweroff and reboot and would have though the functionality they provide to be mirrored in EFI shell. So what you suggest is that those commands do not exit, is there a reference to that?
    – fraleone
    Oct 18, 2020 at 10:13

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The command reset will do both poweroff and reboot. From the UEFI Shell Specification



Resets the system.


reset [-w|-s|-c [string]] [-fwui]



  • Performs a shutdown


  • Performs a warm boot


  • Performs a cold boot


  • String to be passed to reset service


If the system firmware supports it, perform a reset back to the firmware user interface (FW UI)


To shut down the system:

Shell> reset -s

To cold reset the system and stop boot at the firmware user interface:

Shell> reset –c -fwui

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