If I right click and get "properties" on an RSS item in Outlook 2007 after I've created it, there doesn't seem any place that shows me the RSS feed URL that it is using. How do I find it out?

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It's under menu Tools -> Account Settings -> RSS Feeds. Under the one you want, choose it and then click the Change button. The RSS URL is the Location.

  • D'oh - of course! Well deserved bounty for spotting that.
    – AdamV
    Jul 12, 2010 at 21:38
  • no problem. it's hidden pretty well, isn't it? :)
    – Otaku
    Jul 13, 2010 at 23:24

It's annoying that you can't get to this in the properties. The easiest way to get to the URL would probably be to export the RSS feeds to an OPML file and you can find them all in there.

I'm using 2010, but I think in 2007 you start from File > Import and Export (in 2010 it is now in File > Options > Advanced > Export). One of the export options is to export your RSS feeds to an OPML file. You can do this for all at once (which is handy for transferring to another machine, or backing up), or just the specific ones you are interested in. Choose a filename and location you can remember. Open the OPML file from a text editor such as Notepad and you can see the URL for the feed XML

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