If anyone knows how to disable/override the functionality in Windows of the Shift key temporarily invalidating the Numlock status so that the numpad 0-9 keys output as other keys (insert, end, down, page down, left, clear, right, home, up, page up), I would gladly pay for the solution to this problem.

Reason: I have an app (Reaper) that I use on both Mac and PC, and numerous shortcuts I have assigned in the app on the Mac simply won't work on PC, such as Shift and any Numpad numeric key (alone, or in combination with any other modifier key). The Mac is phenomenally better at using modifier keys for shortcuts in applications than the PC (with all of it's hard-coded win+key shortcuts, among others).

I'm forced to use a PC at work, which has been the source of countless hours of pain, torment, and frustration. But this little nightmare really takes the cake. It has been plaguing me for the past 2.5 years. I am at my wits end. I have probably spent days (even weeks, maybe) of my life trying numerous potential solutions to this problem already including AutoHotkey, EventGhost, and Pulover's Macro Creator. But none of them seem to be capable of allowing Shift+Numpad 0-9 functionality (or Ctrl+Alt+Shift, Alt+Shift, Ctrl+Win+Shift, etc.) through to Reaper (or any other app, for that matter). The Shift key either changes the Numpad key output as described above, or when used in combination with other modifiers, the Shift key is removed as a modifier, so only the other modifier keys are recognized in combination with the Numpad 0-9 keys.

I really need to find a way to use all of my Shift (and any other modifiers) plus Numpad 0-9 shortcuts on the PC. I am sincerely hoping that someone has found a solution for this horrifically frustrating problem.

Edit: Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not looking for/interested in workarounds for this problem. I'm hoping to find an actual solution that will remove the "Shift key temporarily overrides Numlock" functionality on a Windows PC - even if it requires a BIOS or registry hack, modifying some Windows system file/s, or using additional software to accomplish it. This is the solution I'm interested in and would pay to have. I want to be able to actually send shift+numpad(0-9) shortcuts to apps on the PC the way I can using a Mac. Thank you for any help anyone can provide in figuring out how to accomplish this!

Edit2: The following AHK script works, but the annoying Windows OS "feature" of converting Shift+Numpad(0-9) to Numpad(Ins-PgUp) is still screwing up the output - despite the fact that the shortcut is coming from AHK instead of physical keyboard input:

#If winActive("ahk_exe reaper.exe") 

    send +{numpad1}

Using the AHK script, single keypress of Shift+NumpadEnd, Numlock OFF:

A0  02A     d   1.45    LShift
23  04F h   d   0.22    NumpadEnd
61  04F i   d   0.00    Numpad1
61  04F i   u   0.01    Numpad1
23  04F s   u   0.08    NumpadEnd
A0  02A     u   0.16    LShift

Without the AHK script, single keypress of Shift+NumpadEnd, Numlock OFF:

A0  02A     d   0.74    LShift
23  04F     d   0.22    NumpadEnd
23  04F     u   0.11    NumpadEnd
A0  02A     u   0.20    LShift

Either way, however, REAPER still sees the same shortcut pressed: Shift+End - NOT Shift+NumpadEnd. So the Shift+Numpad shortcuts will still conflict with other shortcuts I have bound using the regular home/end, PgUp/Down, arrow keys, and Insert.

So unfortunately, after repeated testing, this is still not a solution to the problem of needing to disable the annoying Windows OS functionality of converting Shift+Numpad(0-9) to the corresponding navigation keys (i.e. Shift overriding Numlock).

  • I don't know if it's possible. But why not just turn off Numlock and define shortcuts like e.g. Shift + NumpadLeft instead of Shift + Numpad4? Does this solve your problem?
    – Mikhail V
    Oct 21, 2020 at 21:00
  • So FYI, if the NumLock is off then the num keys emit different events, i.e. NumpadLeft, NumpadRight, etc. So you can definitely use this to overcome the limitations of your software. Even if you can't define these in the software directly, then you can use Autohotkey to alias these to some other unused combos.
    – Mikhail V
    Oct 21, 2020 at 21:17
  • The trouble is I have so many shortcuts that there aren't that many unused combos left, and I need to keep the shortcuts in sync between my Mac and PC. And in Reaper, the NumpadLeft is seen as the same key as regular Left. Same goes for the rest of the Numpad navigation keys. And also, I have a variety of other actions bound to Shift+Left/Right/Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn/Home/End and other modifier combinations. We're talking about 6 years of customizing scripts, macros, and other actions. The list is extensive. I'm running out of reasonable keystroke combos to use.
    – MikMak
    Oct 22, 2020 at 11:59
  • I see, but actually I gave an example how to easily overcome this - in Reaper you can create a shortcuts that is unused, like say Shift+Alt+Ctrl+P or whatever is not in use. Then write AHK script that binds Shift+NumpadLeft to Shift+Alt+Ctrl+P. Problem solved. Yes this is not portable to Mac but still working solution.
    – Mikhail V
    Oct 22, 2020 at 12:25
  • @Mikhail again, that's the problem. I have Shift+Alt+Ctrl+P bound to something else. I'm fact, I have every letter and standard number key bound to an action - both in combination with various modifiers and without - as well as all of the F1-F12 keys, and most of the symbol keys (,./\;[] etc). And without functional shift+Numpad0-9 functionality like I have on the Mac, that's 70 shortcuts I can't use on PC (7 combinations of Shift+Numpad numeric key and the other 3 modifiers (Ctrl, Win, Alt) x10 numpad numeric keys)
    – MikMak
    Oct 23, 2020 at 12:21

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As a workaround, you can utilize numpad keys with NumLock off and an Autohotkey script that redefines the shortcut for your software. When NumLock is off, numpad keys are not affected by Shift.


In Reaper the problem is, that when you define a combo by a keypress via GUI setup, you cannot input Shift + Num keys combos. But I've found out you can import/export shortcuts config file. "Key map..." -> "Export shortcut key map..." will export a text file which can be edited and then imported back. There you can define combos including Shift key and num keys.
E.g. I add 2 shortcuts:

"Shift+Num 1" for the "Zoom out horizontal" command
"Shift+End" for the "Zoom in horizontal" command

The second command just to check if it conflicts with the first combo or not. So I create a text file "test.ReaperKeyMap" with corresponding definitions:

KEY 5 97 1011 0
KEY 5 32803 1012 0

And import this file in the key mapper.

And now to make the "Shift+Num1" combo work, use this AHK script:

#If winActive("ahk_exe reaper.exe") 

    send +{numpad1}

With NumLock off, this will run "Zoom out horizontal" command. With this approach you should be able to use all other combinations of Shift, Alt-Shift, etc. and Num keys without occupying other key combos.

Tested with Reaper v 6.15 on Windows 10 pro 64bit, v.1909 All these USB keyboards worked:

  • A4tech X7 G800V
  • Acer KU0906 (101-key, has Numpad on main section via Fn-key)
  • Logitech K120

AHK history (Numlock off):

A0  02A     d   1.05    LShift          [unsaved project] - REAPER v6.15/x64 - EVALUATION LICENSE
23  04F h   d   0.17    NumpadEnd       
61  04F i   d   0.00    Numpad1         
61  04F i   u   0.00    Numpad1         
23  04F s   u   0.08    NumpadEnd       
A0  02A     u   0.30    LShift     
  • Thank you again for your response! But again, the problem with this workaround is with not having enough free shortcut combinations left to assign in REAPER without being able to use the numeric keypad keys including the shift modifier.
    – MikMak
    Oct 23, 2020 at 12:40
  • Also, the reduced visibility of what shortcut an action is actually mapped to when viewing it in the actions list (for times when I can't remember how to trigger a desired shortcut) when using random available shortcut mappings in REAPER for Numpad key remappings via AHK would be very unweildy to keep track of and manage without constantly looking back at the AHK script after finding them in the actions list in order to find what Numpad hotkey combo a shortcut was actually mapped to, which would basically negate the time-saving functionality of using shortcuts in the first place.
    – MikMak
    Oct 23, 2020 at 12:42
  • @MikMak hmm. The part of the problem is with Reaper (just tested it out of curiosity) is that it cannot receive Shift+Num keys when I want to define combo in Properties. But it seems you can define combos with num keys manually includind Shift in config file using scancodes, and it does work it seems. I will update my answer with an example. So I guess you are lucky :-)
    – Mikhail V
    Oct 23, 2020 at 18:20
  • @MikMak So yep, I had success with it, it works.
    – Mikhail V
    Oct 23, 2020 at 18:45
  • Thanks! Unfortunately, this still doesn't work properly. Half the time REAPER sees the shortcut without the Shift key modifier (just Numpad0-9), which I have set to trigger other actions. During this process, however, I did discover that the NumPad numeric key codes are different between Mac and PC. e.g. Numpad9 on Mac is 33, and on PC it's 105.
    – MikMak
    Oct 26, 2020 at 10:30

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