Is it possible to have Notepad++ show two rows of file tabs?

I wasn't able to find such a setting.

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According to the documentation Wiki:

  • When more tabs that can fit on the view are displayed:
    • if Settings -> Preferences -> General -> Tab bar -> Multiline is checked, several rows of tabs will stack. Clicking on a tab brings to the bottommost row the whole row of tabs
    • Otherwise a pair of small buttons pointing left and right will show, and clicking them will move through the imaginary row of tabs. The triangles show up and down if the tabs are arrranged vertically.

This was definitely an SU question, not SO where they would have laughed and pointed and sent your question here.


STEP 1: Settings -> Preferences... Will open Preferences window.

STEP 2: Find the "Tab Bar" check-box group and check "Multi-line"

**Picture illustrating steps:**

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    What is the added value of this answer? It just seems to repeat the answer posted 7 years ago.
    – miroxlav
    Aug 23, 2017 at 21:09
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    The picture supplied took me about 30 minutes to make. And I find I can digest information faster in illustration form. I found the main answer too verbose. I personally prefer short concise answers when I am skimming, and only go to the longer answers when the shorter ones do not work.
    Aug 24, 2017 at 19:16

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