I have been using my Canyon BT Headset earbuds for a while now and cannot help but notice that they are a lot quieter than when I first bought them. I believe I have found the solution. I have installed a fresh new Windows 8.1 system on my Dell PC and would notice a huge difference than on my old Windows 7 laptop. The earbuds would sound a lot more louder and clearer. Volume setting to 20% on my Dell PC would sound like 100% on my laptop. I figured the issue might be the Operating System, but no.

After enjoying a while of loud music on my earbuds after a pretty long time, they got quieter the next time I turned my Dell PC on, just like on my laptop! I found a solution which would give them their "normal loudness" back. It worked! I did what the guy said. I would go to Device Manager, select the Bluetooth Audio device, right click on it then hit "Uninstall" then restart windows and believe it or not... My earbuds are no longer quiet! I can go up to 35% volume, which is unbearable and dangerous now. It is all well! But! I've noticed the issue behind it. The next time I would start up my system and connect my earbuds, they would get quiet again! That's until I have uninstalled the driver again. I would have to do that every time I turn on my PC.

I figured, since I've found out about it, why not try the solution on my laptop as well? So I did... And it worked. They got louder on the laptop as well. Furthermore, I am still convinced that there is an issue. I don't think It's the earbuds' fault. What happens exactly after I restart the system after uninstalling the driver and what happens after I restart the system again after the driver has "reinstalled" itself? Does it get updated in advance the next time the system starts up? Can I prevent it from doing so? Is there something else that is causing this odd behavior and how do I fix it? I prefer not having to go to the device manager then restart my PC before using my earbuds.

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