Win7 (32bit) Thunderbird 26.

I have several email accounts, and one in particular is giving me difficulty. It is a Hotmail account (1 of 4.)

I cannot get either Microsoft or Thunderbird to delete mails in the Junk folder.

Microsoft moves mail into the Junk folder, and I have no control over that. I cannot turn it off, and I cannot set Microsoft to delete it immediately. I can delete after 30 days, but that is useless.

Thunderbird syncs the Junk folder. I have tried to unsubscribe from that folder, but Microsoft forces Thunderbird to resubscribe.

I can set Thunderbird to handle junk mail and delete it, but it will only delete the mail if it starts in the inbox. Once in the junk folder, it won't delete it.

I have set Thunderbird to delete junk after 1 day, but I want it deleted after 1 second, and that is not a Tbird option.

Is there a Thunderbird plugin to purge (delete) the junk mail from the junk folder whenever it sees anything in that folder.

Maybe Thunderbird isn't the answer. Perhaps another email client is needed for this.

Thanks, Mark.

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