I just changed my username account in my laptop, But when I tried to connect my smb client on my another device, I had to login using my old username.

How to change login username?

  • You have to change the local account username to match the account on the SMB Windows machine [acting smb server] you are connecting to too. I assume this is a workgroup type setup and you merely need to have the usernames and passwords setup on each machine you connect to via smb if using a Windows machine as a SMB file hosting server. – Pimp Juice IT Oct 30 at 3:59

You can override stored credentials for shares in Windows via the credential manager. enter image description here

enter image description here

Under Windows Credentials:

  • If the server in question has an entry, delete it.
  • Select Add a Windows Credential.
  • Enter the server (e.g. \\IP address\Share).
  • Enter new desired credentials.

Navigating manually to \\IP address\Share, it will not use the old credentials any more.

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  • True, of course.... net use /delete *. I don't GUI much. – Pimp Juice IT Oct 30 at 4:39
  • Thank You... :) – Zozzizzez Oct 30 at 23:44

if you just renamed you username you have to use the old username and no way to use new name for that

if you made an other user for your laptop you have to enter new users login in smb login window

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  • Thank You... :) – Zozzizzez Oct 30 at 23:44

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