For example, on a stock trading website, it is often crucial to execute your orders quickly. There are often a lot of buttons like "buy limit" and "sell limit" on websites such as ustocktrade (https://www.ustocktrade.com/) which I'd like to create shortcuts to. I.e, I'd like to use "Alt+B" to press the buy limit button. I also would want to use this for other websites like Scrabulizer (https://www.scrabulizer.com) which is a learning tool for Scrabble, and it is annoying to move my mouse to the small "clear board" button each time. I'd like to create shortcut of either "Alt+C" or Alt+B" to clear the board.

This free Chrome extension seems to advertise exactly what I am asking (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/custom-hotkeys/dogblfnfkmjolfcbpgfkhpaahocjhkbk), but the problem is there are no instructions, and it uses jQuery selectors which I'm not too familiar how to get. I tried my best and use Chrome's element inspector to inspect the button which wasn't a link but was some kind of button script:

<div id="clearBoardButton" onclick="resetBoard(); return false;" title="Clear Board" tabindex="0"></div>

Here, the clear button is the trash can icon circled in a yellow: Scrabulizer clear button

Any ideas? Thank you

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