I installed Emmabuntus (Debian Buster based) on an ordinosaur computer with LXQt as DE. The simple-scan application v3.30.1.1 is installed by default and works, but the supposed shortcuts ctrl + f and ctrl + m that greatly simplify the scanning task are ineffective. Nothing is happening. The shortcuts seem to be "hard-coded" in the application (they are given from the "Keyboard shortcuts" menu and I couldn't find a config file).

How do I know if the problem is with the application itself or if the system or DE (or whatever) intercepts the shortcut before the application ?

How to make these shortcuts effective ?

Thank you in advance for your expert advice.


I answer to myself because I found the solution many weeks ago. The problem has nothing to do with DE or distro or whatever but it is implicit to the application simple-scan itself. We must just run the command by preceding an environment variable like this command XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE simple-scan so ctrl+f shortkey and others are again available (source)

So my problem is resolved :)

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