I'm running Windows 10 and in the C:\Users\Public\Desktop directory, there are .lnk shortcut files that exist which I also see when I list files in the directory.

Directory Listing

PS C:\Users\Public\Desktop> ls
-a----         5/20/2020   8:02 PM           1711 Microsoft Edge.lnk

So for example the Microsoft Edge.lnk shortcut should always show up on the desktop of all other user account that sign onto this machine since it's in the C:\Users\Public\Desktop:

enter image description here

The Problem

There's an issue that appears if the user account was previously created and logged into another domain system, then the C:\Users\Public\Desktop items do not show up on their desktop on their new machine.

So to be clear here, users that have not previously connected through RDP to the particular machine BUT they have connected to another machine, their Desktop does not contain the C:\Users\Public\Desktop items.

What other information can I gather that would be helpful in answering this question?


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