SSD 1: Windows 10

SSD 2:

  • Partition A: Elementary OS (EOS)
  • Partition B: "DATA", formated as exFAT


I use DATA for some work related stuff under EOS. Worked like a charm. Logged into Windows, accessed DATA from there. Now I have an issue under EOS: via file-explorer I can mount DATA and see the stored folders, but all folders are displayed empty. The volume shows the free storage correctly. When using bash, DATA is mounted under /media/joba2ca/DATA and I can access the folders. But when I ls in /media/joba2ca/DATA/workfolder, I get an error that "folder '.' is currently being accessed: I/O error" (translated from German). There is another non-work folder on DATA, /media/joba2ca/DATA/nonworkfolder, that I can access without any issues. I would like to access the work-related data again.

Troubleshooting so far

Seems to be related to Windows 10 hibernation stuff and not properly unmounting. Therefore I...

  • "unshared" one of the folders under Windows 10 that I previously shared while troubleshooting (don't judge me)
  • changed W10 energy options to disable fastboot and hibernation
  • unmounted drive via (a) disk management tool (b) command line with mountvol D: /P (D: was mountpoint of DATA)
  • Have you installed in EOS the packages exfat-fuse and exfat-utils? – harrymc Nov 11 '20 at 15:35
  • Thanks for your reply! Yes, I have them installed. – joba2ca Nov 11 '20 at 15:37

Found an unexpected, because simple, solution:

  1. Under Windows 10, access /media/joba2ca/DATA/workfolder
  2. Move all contents into /media/joba2ca/DATA/
  3. rd /workfolder. Does not work, because "folder is corrupted" and because Windows
  4. Log into Elementary OS
  5. rm -r /workfolder
  6. Solved

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