I find myself working using remote desktop applications like TeamViewer (currently use AnyDesk) very often for durations that can be a few hours. I wonder if using such items would slow down my Internet.

If it slows down the Internet, is there a different in slowing down Internet speed when you access a computer outside the Wi-fi network versus accessing a computer in the Wi-Fi network? For example, I use my computer connected to "Home-Wifi" to connect to some computer in another building, or I may use the computer in the other building to connect to my computer connected to Home-Wifi. Would there a be a difference in Internet slow-down speed between the two?

And finally, suppose I use a computer connected my home wi-fi to access another computer connected to my home wi-wi in another room like upstairs via remote desktop. Would there be a difference in slowing down of Internet speed if using remote desktop software slows down Internet speed?

I do realize using anything with Internet like browsing a website or uploading a video online would slow down the Internet, but some slow down the Internet a much more noticeable amount like uploading a video to YouTube, so I am wondering how does that compare to remote desktop applications.

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