I just created a new Ubuntu 20.04 server. I installed Fail2Ban for ssh protection. I noticed in /var/log/fail2ban.log that the sshd jail starts with "poller" as the backend. I haven't changed the configuration files; backend = auto is in effect, and the first preference should be pyinotify.

Well, inotify wasn't installed on the system, so I did an apt-get install inotify-tools inotify-hookable python-pyinotify, then I did a service fail2ban restart. The log still shows it's using the poller backend.

So my question here is: how do I make Fail2Ban use pyinotify on a clean Ubuntu 20.04 system?

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No idea which python fail2ban package uses on Ubuntu per default, but I guess it is python3 (you could try to check it with fail2ban-python --version).

If so, just install python3-pyinotify (package python-pyinotify is for python2).

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