When typing an address or name in the "TO" or "CC" field of a new message, thunderbird offers to autocomplete recipient addresses from my address book. This feature is very helpful and I would not like to disable it.

Howerver, the value of the "name" field for that address book entry is included in the email too ("Somename actual.email@example.com") and gets sent to all recipients. This is problematic if I use some private name (e.g. nickname) in my local address book that is inappropriate to be leaked to the other recipients of the email.

Is there any solution short of manually "sanitizing" the names for all (>=1000) address book entries or always making sure to manually remove the name after autocomplete? (i.e. autocomplete the email address, but don't include the name)


(I tested this behaviour on Thunderbird 78.4.0)

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