I have an Intel HD Audio/AC97 connector on the mainboard of my computer. The connector is itself connected to a small circuit board, integrated into the front panel, on which 2 3,5mm audio jack plugs are solded, one for headphones, one for a microphone.

Some months before, I broke the two plugs. So I undid the soldering, threw them away and bought those: 2 3,5mm 4-pin audio jack plugs. I solded them back on the circuit board.

My Problem: The PC does not recognize the head-/microphone when it is plugged in, but it does, if they are halfway in in some positions.

Some googeling let me to the wikipedia page of HD Audio, indicating that the connecter layout is different from the others available: See here. So I changed the motherboard connector to AC97 in the BIOS settings, and it worked.

My question is now: Can I use the plugs also for HD Audio and, if so, how? I looked for HD Audio compatible plugs on the Internet and could not find anything. The question is mostly theroretical, I have a working system. But it bothers me that the replacement of some broken plugs is so difficult.

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